Most of the top-flight free agents have found new homes this summer, but there's still a few out there, including Phoenix captain Shane Doan.

But Doan decided to let the market burn out a bit and he also wanted to see if the ownership situation in Phoenix cleared up. That hasn't happened, and according to Sarah McLellan at the Arizona Republic, Doan is weighing his options for next season.

"I expect by Tuesday we'll probably start listening to some offers, get an idea of where he kind of fits in the market, and take that next step," said Terry Bross, Doan's agent. "I wouldn't say anything's imminent."

Two Glendale residents have been trying to secure enough signatures to get the lease agreement between the city and prospective owner Greg Jamison onto the November ballot, which would all but keep the Coyotes in the Phoenix area.

According to McLellan, Bross will be in talks with Phoenix GM Don Maloney in the coming days to see where they the ownership situation.

"Pending the outcome of that conversation, it could go one of two ways," Bross said. "I would think if they don't have the signatures and it looks like the Jamison thing is going to go (through), then Don and I would get a little more serious in our dialogue about a new contract."

That's the good news. Now the bad news. "If they do have the signatures or something throws a wrench in it and they saw we're looking at two months before we can make a decision, I think we have to listen to some other offers."

Bross said as many as 11 teams have contacted him about acquiring Doan's services, but he'd still like to remain in Phoenix where he has played nearly his entire career. He came south along with the Winnipeg Jets when they moved in 1996.

"There are two or three that he'd take a long hard look at, and it'd break his heart to do so," Bross said.

There's no deadline or timetable for when Doan would accept an offer from either the Coyotes or another team.

According to Joe Haggerty of CSN New England, Doan has already told the Boston Bruins he's not interested in signing with them. The report said Doan would like to stay in the Western Conference with possible landing spots being San Jose or Los Angeles.

Also add the Vancouver Canucks to that list, as Bross told CKWX Doan may be interested in joining the reigning President's Trophy winners. The St. Louis Blues have also been linked to Doan.

Tough spot for Doan. Strange that both sides actually want to work something out, but it's understandable why Doan would want to know what the future of the organization entails. He's already been through one relocation situation, and at this stage in the game, he probably wants to choose where he and his family live.

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