Hello readers, I am Josh Byrne, the newest contributor/columnist here at The Hockey Sentinel.

Like the Head Editor, I was also a columnist at TJRSports where I covered The English Premier League, and other football (soccer, for those unfamiliar with the European term) related items. Here, I'll be turning over a new leaf, and covering the sport that I truly cannot live without, and hopefully, you can't either. During this upcoming season and beyond, I'll provide you with a weekly column where I will hand out my personal 3 Stars of the Week, and pinpoint one, two, or maybe even three amazing plays from the previous week.

All that said, I humbly thank you for taking the time to read this, and I do so hope that you'll join myself and the rest of the writers here at The Hockey Sentinel for coverage of all the happenings in the NHL and beyond.

Until next time.


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You can follow Josh on Twitter at @JTB_85