New Jersey's Cam Janssen is kind of a nut-case on the ice. But on Tuesday, he showed he's not all there off the ice either.

According to Puck Daddy, Janssen appeared on the Internet radio show "Thom and Jeff Show," and let loose, mostly on the Los Angeles Kings, comparing them to large women.

"Dan fat broads man," Janssen said after the hosts compared losing to them as "the first time you bang a fat chick." "[The LA Kings are] the fat broads you just regret banging. I've been there and done that. It's a very good experience to see what it takes to make it that far. But losing lik ethat, holy [expletive] that was a buzzkill."

Janssen let us into his psyche and what he's thinking on the ice to give him a physical edge.

"You wanna be scary. You wanna put the fear of [expletive] God into people's eyes," he said. "And not just, 'Oh, I'm gonna beat you up.' No, I'm gonna catch you with your [expletive] head down and hurt you, because I know how to hit."

Where does Janssen like to target his opponents? "Whoever's got the puck with their [expletive] head down, I'll [expletive] hurt you," he said. "Then on the next shift guys will just get rid of the puck because they know I'm coming. You can dodge a fight. But when you have the puck, you're going to get hit."

A clip of the interview has since been removed from YouTube.

Well that's exactly what the league needs right now. The NHL went through what could only be described as a concussion epidemic this past season, with seemingly every star in the league falling victim, including Sidney Crosby.

Bottom line, this is just really scary to hear. I understand it's an Internet show, but boy is it scary to know that a player in the NHL is opening up about wanting to hurt his co-workers and aim for the head when players aren't looking.

I'm sure Janssen won't be punished for his statements, but he should.

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