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THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.
Q. Update on Nathan, where he stands for tonight.
COACH JULIEN: Give you the same update he gave you guys. He's in tonight. Feels good.

Q. Is that a situation where you have sort of a frank discussion with him? The heart is always there, but you want to make sure he can do it physically.
COACH JULIEN: You always do it with anybody that is in that situation. He feels really
good. He looked really good out there, the last two days. There's absolutely no reason he shouldn't play tonight.

Q. Everyone always talks about Zdeno, his minutes. A lot over the years Dennis has
played more minutes. Speak to his work ethic.

COACH JULIEN: Like I said, he's another guy you can't tire out. He's in great shape. Some guys are really good at handling those kind of minutes. They never seem to tire out. He's definitely one of them. Over the years, even in past playoffs, arguably he's been our best defenseman. He's able to take those minutes, handle them well from start to finish.
You're fortunate to have guys like that. As the game gets later, more tiresome, those kind of guys, you can still rely on them.

Q. Patrice Bergeron has been a complete player for a long time. Have you seen any growth in his game over the last couple years?

COACH JULIEN: Sure I have. He still does the same things. He keeps doing them better and better every year. That's what experience does to you. He learns a lot from little mistakes here and there. He doesn't like making mistakes. Any little mistake he makes, next day he's watching himself on the computer, watching where
he could have done something better. A lot of it is on his own. He's not a guy that we have to pull into the video room to show him this and that. He basically does it on his own. He'll look for it, ask about it. As I said, he's such a dedicated athlete. He's 100% involved in his job when he's at the rink. He does everything he can to be the best player out there.

Q. You called Game 1 great hockey. Looking back on it, heading into tonight, what
are the areas you would like to see your team improve?

COACH JULIEN: You're looking for some scoops, are you (laughter)? There's a lot of areas, as I mentioned the other day. We had a couple bad line changes. Little details in games make a big difference. A lot of it is more about little details. So it's nothing major. Things that are easily correctable. We just have to have better focus tonight on those little details and hopefully swing the pendulum our way.

Q. Was there anything in Game 1 that you felt this team could have done better
defensively? Obviously two goals in the entire series with Pittsburgh, seems like a lot of
unlucky bounces?

COACH JULIEN: Two of the goals are off of shots going wide. One hit our player's skate, the other is a double tip. You attribute that to hockey breaks. At the same time what we did to Pittsburgh is nice. But you have to realize it was circumstances in that series, too. Doesn't mean you're going to be able to do that, hold teams to two goals-against, in a whole series. Chicago has a lot of guys that can score goals, they have a lot of skill, great attack, more about trying to minimize those situations. Hopefully tonight maybe the breaks go our way and it's a different outcome.

Q. Can you give us a pulse on your team, the state of its confidence after what was
a pretty tough loss to stomach?

COACH JULIEN: Well, it was not so much tough to stomach. It was a disappointing loss. To me, that's the biggest thing I keep coming up with. Our guys were fine the next day, they were fine yesterday, they were fine this morning. It's a new game. It's a series where you got to win four games. Again, I don't think we came in here saying, “We're going to sweep these guys.” We knew it was going to be a tough series. We have to focus on tonight, stop wasting our time worrying about what could have happened last game and
waste our time answering your questions. You're my whipping boy. Should be proud
of that (laughter).

Q. I noticed Jagr wasn't out on the ice. Is he okay?
COACH JULIEN: He's 100%. He's 41 (smiling).

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