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THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.


Q. Tuukka, you really had to kind of weather the storm in the first period. Did you feel fortunate to be down 1-0 after one period?

TUUKKA RASK: Well, we definitely were in survival mode there for a bit. It looked like they had more guys out there than we did. They were bouncing on every single puck in front of net, had a lot of chances. We definitely played pretty bad.

But, you know, it was good that we were only down by one and regrouped after that.


Q. Chris, talk about what was said after the first period, just how important it is to have taken this game, going home with a split.

CHRIS KELLY: Not much needed to be said after that first period. I think Tuukka pointed out that was a pretty terrible period by our team. If it wasn't for Tuukka, it would have been a lot worse.

To a guy in there, I think we all knew we had to go out and play better.


Q. Tuukka, a lot of blocked shots by your players after the first period. Do you feel sometimes that's a detriment?

TUUKKA RASK: What's a 'detriment'?


Q. In your way a little bit.

TUUKKA RASK: You know what, sometimes. Very rarely, though. Our D has done a good job during the playoffs. It happens sometimes that they're in the way, they're not blocking them. I give them respect for that.


Q. Chris, talking to Daniel, he said he felt almost as good about scoring the goal, but almost better that he helped you set that one up to tie the game. Talk about the contributions he made.

CHRIS KELLY: Well, I think on my goal it was a great five-guy effort. Andrew made a pinch, Tyler was in on the play and got it to Daniel, and Daniel took it to the net. I just happened to be there, tapped it in.

You know, I thought Paille played extremely well the whole night. His goal, great pass by Seguin. I thought both of them played extremely well. Their feet were moving the whole night.


Q. When you were out there paired together, did you sense their speed complemented each other?

CHRIS KELLY: For sure. They both, like I said, skate extremely well. They both jump on pucks. They're at kind of the same speed level, which makes it nice that one guy is not ahead of the other.


Q. Chris, you've obviously been at this for years. When you go through such a long scoring drought, how do you manage to continue to play the other parts of the game?

CHRIS KELLY: I think it's even more important to play the other parts of the game when you're not contributing offensively. I think you need to pick up other aspects of your game to make them better in order to be a better all-around player.

Everyone would love to score and score consistently. For whatever reason, I haven't. I try to stay positive.

As long as the team's doing well, I know that's kind of a cliché, but that's kind of how our room is. On any given night, someone can step

June 15, 2013


up. Paille showed that tonight.


Q. Tuukka, was that your best period of the season in the first period, or because you didn't catch the puck on the sequence that led to their goal, do you mark yourself down?

TUUKKA RASK: Well, every goal you let in you have a chance to save. I'm not going to blame myself for that. I think there were three or four saves before that goal. I couldn't find that puck until the last second.

But, you know, I mean, they had 19 shots, and one goes by you. I mean, it happens sometimes.


Q. Chris, have you felt maybe in the last couple of games that you were getting closer to contributing on the score sheet?

CHRIS KELLY: I had hoped. You know, you try to analyze your game after each game, you know, try to see if you had opportunities. I felt in the Pittsburgh series, even the Rangers series, the scoring chances were starting to come a little bit more frequently, those bounces were starting to kind of go my way. Obviously it takes time.

Like I said, I'd love to contribute on a regular basis, but I haven't. But you try to do other things.


Q. Chris, when you were being out-shot in the first period, out-played to some degree, you stayed with the physical game. Do you think that investment helped slow them down and changed the game a bit?

CHRIS KELLY: Well, I figured we had to do something 'cause we weren't doing much in that first period.

We're a big, strong team. We want to finish our hits when they're there, try to wear teams down. We didn't really have the puck a whole lot. There was lots of times to hit. Maybe it was a little one-sided that way.


Q. Chris, since Gregory went out, Claude has been mixing and matching the lines. What has it been like to be shuffling with guys? Why do you think you and Danny and Tyler were able to click tonight?

CHRIS KELLY: The bottom six have all played together at certain times. If it wasn't this year, last year, even the year before. We're all familiar with one another.

I think Claude is just trying to find different chemistry with different guys, who's going on any given night. Claude has a pretty good feel for his players. I think our line got thrown together, I don't know, end of the first, beginning of the second.

I thought we went out there and played well.


Q. Some of the guys were saying they thought the first period was one of your worst periods as a team of the year. Do you feel like the overtime might have been one of your better periods of the year?

CHRIS KELLY: Yeah. After the first period, I felt we gradually got a little bit better, little better in the second, little better in the third. I thought the overtime period was by far our best period. We dictated the play, played more on our toes, controlled the flow.


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